41: Elite Miss Delaware Earth & Global Ripple Effect Project Inc, USA

Challenger Profile at a Glance

Malika Yates serves as the 2020 Elite Miss Delaware Earth promoting environmental education and compassion for all. She is also the founder of the nonprofit Global Ripple Effect Inc. In these roles, Malika spearheaded community cleanups, food drives, and eco-friendly COVID kits for the underserved during the challenge. As a mentor and challenger, find out how her initiatives with the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge are making an impact!


  • #41 – Elite Miss Delaware Earth & Global Ripple Effect Project Inc

  • 90-Day Challenge Goal: Organize community cleanups and respond to community needs during the pandemic

  • Location: Delaware, USA

  • Registered Challenger: Malika Yates

  • 90-Day Challenge Period: September 1 – November 30, 2020


Here are some impact highlights from the team during the 90-day challenge period:

  • Reached out to 10 schools and a Girl Scout troop to offer her eco-education workshop

  • Organized a community cleanup and invited people from around the world to join

  • Able to continue with cleanups during the pandemic by following CDC guidelines

  • The Newark Delaware Climate Reality Chapter hosted Get Out the Vote events. This included a training by She Votes to educate women about how and why to vote.

  • Did outreach to businesses and two businesses agreed to switch to eco-friendly products

  • Worked with New Castle County to put together and deliver eco-friendly COVID kits for distribution to those in need.

  • Developed 3 partnerships: two universities and Climate Reality Latin America

Challenge Experience

“It was an amazing experience,” said Malika. “I love using the workbook because during the pandemic you may lose your focus or just need a little bit more structure. So using the workbook really helps you stay focused on your target agenda. It breaks everything down how to implement any initiative that you are trying to do.”

“I love the weekly meetings because you built this sense of community for us. We’re just going to continue this community, even after the challenge is over. That’s priceless right there. Having that support system with like-minded individuals who care about the environment, as much as you do and who are trying to actively make change and want to collaborate and start a team.”


What is your advice for someone who wants to make an impact? Here’s what Malika said:

  • Start a team!

  • Know that you are capable of doing great things. It’s really easier than you think. It’s not hard at all. You just have to believe that you can, and then you will.


Want to get involved? Contact the team to participate as a member or partner. 

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